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At the Cancienne Law Firm, we have been helping families like yours since 1966.  All of our attorneys specialize in estate planning and successions.  Rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process of planning your own estate or settling the estate of a loved one.   Whether you need to develop an estate plan to transfer your wealth, need help making decisions about your aging parents’ future, need to ensure that your minor children are cared for in the event of your untimely death, or when your family needs to open a succession to settle your estate, we can help.  Please contact us for an appointment.

Let us help you and your family

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Milton has been named a Top Acadiana Lawyer in the area of Wills by Acadiana Profile Magazine.  He is also featured in column wherein he recounts one of his toughest cases: a succession that involved 137 heirs.  Click here to read the article. 

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One of the biggest challenges for an Executor can be finding the information we need to complete a Succession.  The greatest gift you can give yourself and your survivors is organization of necessary information.  Click here to read our recommendations for organizing information.Welcome_files/CLF%20Newsletter.pdf/Volumes/Cancienne's%20Public%20Folder/Server%20LMC%20FORMS%20PERSONAL%20OFFICE/%20%20LMC%20Office/NEWSLETTERS/Index%20newsletter%20for%20website%202019.pagesshapeimage_5_link_0